My baby


I can’t believe I almost have a 1st grader. Only 4 months left of kindergarten, it has flown by.

Next year won’t be much different considering he already goes full day and rides the bus. I just can’t believe it makes me want to cry, he is growing up too quickly ;(

Which brings me to having baby fever; occasionally I want another then I change my mind when I think about diapers, no sleep, and tantrums! I just don’t want to start over. Maybe someday we’ll do foster care for children and can get my baby fix :)


Last weekend

We truly had an awesome weekend. “Everything is awesome”, yes we saw the Lego Movie and I’ve had that song randomly stuck in my head all week.

Anyway last Saturday my friends son hung out with Mason and I. We started the day off at Lowes Build and Grow building Valentine’s boxes, I was surprised how much the boys enjoyed it since it was a heart thing but then again it has hammers and nails to do with it ;) Then on our way to grab lunch the boys were having a “girlfriends” conversation in the back seat, when I said you boys are too young for that my friends son goes “it’s because we’re sexy”(he’s 7 lol).

Then we ended the day and met some more friends at the theater for The Lego Movie, and I was a little surprised how good it was. It had all the adults laughing. So, if you get the opportunity go see it you won’t be disappointed. I wouldn’t say I’m strict about sugars(okay some would say I am) but when we were in line to buy snacks the friend goes I want a large icee and a candy, after I said I don’t think so you can have 1 sweet(and usually I don’t let Mason have any sugars at the theater, remember you have to sit through a whole movie!) he goes but my Mom usually let’s me get them both, sorry kid that won’t work on me ;)


And then Sunday we woke up to SNOW! It was so pretty and fun for a little while. We had a nice relaxing day at home.

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One day away

Valentine’s day is fast approaching. We are all ready. We don’t go all out but we do go out to eat and I get my boys a little something ;)

Mason is ready for his party at school, he picked out power rangers tattoo valentines(I should of guessed!) & I taped lollipops on them. I would of liked to make those cute creative cards but what can I say my kid knows what he wants. And it always makes me wonder do the parents make their kids do the crafty ones and not give them a choice or does your kid not care either way? (Nothing wrong with the creative crafty ones, but I just wonder cause every year I “pick” out a couple cute ideas from pinterest and ask Mason if he wants to do them and then he sees the valentine boxes at the store with characters and has to have those!)

And tomorrow morning before I help out in Masons class, my husband and I are going to grab something to eat somewhere. We need to find a babysitter or work around our schedules when Mason is in school to have more dates, we don’t do that too often. Yes, my parents live close but I just can’t ask them when my mom is going through something so big and they are exhausted, my sister and her daughter live with them and they already watch my niece so much, they don’t need another kid to watch. So, breakfast for Valentine’s Day is how it’s going to be. But I’m sure we aren’t the only ones?!

Hope you all have a great Valentine’s Day and weekend!!

Purex Crystals review and giveaway

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We’ve had so much going on lately. I feel like I have so much to write, and tell you about.

First off our home team won the Superbowl, go Seahawks! I usually don’t watch football unless it’s like something big like our home team going to the Superbowl :) We had some friends over and it was a lot of fun, think we’ll do it every year. I made my yummy chocolate cake for my friend that just passed away, it was her 29th birthday. Hope you had a great birthday in heaven, Darla! We weren’t able to go to the huge parade, I read somewhere there was like 700,000 people wow!

We got a new foster dog a couple weeks ago, her name is Bertha. She is going to be a hard one to give up, she is attached to all the family members. So, we’ll see ;)

We’ve had chilly weather lately, but that hasn’t stopped us from going out and do everything. We love to stay busy. Park, library events, movies, restaurants, play dates, birthday parties, ect. From January to March we will have had or will be attending a birthday party every week(Mason’s popular lol). I keep trying to explain to Mason how lucky he is for how much stuff we go out and do. So, when he gets that ungrateful attitude I remind him that not every kid gets to have as much fun as we do, that going to a park is a special once in a while treat for some kids.

It’s almost time to be planning someones 6th birthday party :) He wants it at one of the bounce house places and I know it’s nice/fair/polite to invite his whole class but I just don’t think we can afford to invite the whole class and our friends/family at one of those places. It’s close to $200 for just 10 kids weekday, so he’s going to have to pick and choose.

We had to reschedule yet again Mason’s dentist appointment because of signs of a cold, with his asthma they can’t give him anesthesia. (even if it’s just a cough or running nose but who doesn’t get a runny nose when it’s freezing outside)┬áIt’s such horrible timing with cold season. He has to be completely clear of symptoms before I call and then they schedule him two weeks out from that but what’s to say another cold/flu won’t creep up. Ugh! I’m just so ready for spring and summer!! Bring on the sunshine, I need a mood changer :)