Forks, WA (Part 1)

Warning lots of pics!

We went to Forks for our August Girls Day. (Girls Day: each month the ladies in my family plan a day to go out and have some fun without kids or men) This month only my mom, sister, cousin and I were able to attend girls day. It was such a fun day!

We stopped at Longhouse right outside of Sequim for lunch, they have very good sandwiches
On our drive I stopped at Crescent Lake for a picture, on a clear day the water is a teal color, it is so beautiful
Getting a picture with the Forks sign
Right across the street from the sign there is a little road that leads to a boat launch and this is what we found. It was very pretty and relaxing down there
We found a bone down by the water, scary! :)
The logger man at the Chamber of Commerce
Okay we are dorks and posed with cardboard cut outs lol
Inside of “Bella’s” truck, I love old cars
Yes, Shannon and I posing again
I think we were having too much fun! ;)
Are you excited to hear about the rest of our day? As soon as I get another chance I will post more about our day in Forks!

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