Forks, WA (Part 2)

I found a little extra time, so here is the rest of our day in Forks.

The “Swans” house
The “Cullen’s” house, it’s really a bed and breakfast
This is the sign at the “Cullen’s” house
We were in town looking at all the Twilight shops and some lady told us to go to this photo booth shop for a special surprise, so we walked down the hall to this “surprise” it was getting a little creepy and standing in the door way was a look-a-like Edward. So we took our pictures with him and I just could not stop laughing the whole time, it was a little creepy. But if I looked like one of the stars I would do the same thing to make some cash :)
Next we drove down to La Push, the beaches were my favorite thing of the whole day.
First beach was our first stop, nice beach but I was so glad we took the hike down to Second beach
Next we hiked down to Second Beach, I think it was around 30 minutes down to the beach. The beach was so beautiful, I was so glad we walked down to it. Some parts of the hike were a little scary because it got so dark from all the trees. But what a cool hike.
That is a tree with stuff left behind from people, it was pretty cool. On our way back to the car I left behind something too
I can finally see the beach
It was just so beautiful there, I would love to go back and camp on the beach 
My sister running toward the birds
Hiking back to the cars, it was getting late and we did not want to hike back in the dark
After we left La Push we stopped at a restaurant called The Smokehouse before driving back home. I do have to say it was the WORST place I have ever eaten at. The service was horrible and slow, the food taste like crap and it was just too expensive for what it was. I got a roast beef dip, french fries and clam chowder. The chowder was good but taste more like bacon and only found 1 clam in it and the sandwich was so nasty taste like it had been sitting out for a while, the aujus was SO salty I only took one bite of it and the fries were cold and soggy. 
So just a tip DO NOT STOP at the Smokehouse in Forks.
We didn’t get home till about 11 at night, it was a long day but man did we have fun.

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  1. Oh, my goodness, what a fun day! I looked at both of your posts about your day at Forks and enjoyed them so much! I love the pictures and reading about what you did. That is so funny there was a look-alike Edward! LOL Second Beach looks wonderful. Thanks so much for letting me know about these posts. :D

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