Weekend recap

So, I know I haven’t blogged very much lately and I’ve fallen behind in all the blogs I read :( 

Here is a catch up of our weekend. 

It was our 1st year anniversary we just went out to dinner at a nice Italian restaurant. I bought myself a really cute skirt that I wore for dinner, I hardly dress up anymore I forgot how good it feels. 
I also got a blister from the heels I was wearing, I don’t miss that!

My mom took Mason to a birthday party while we went to dinner, then we went and picked up a cake for my mother in laws birthday which is the same day as our anniversary. Lots of birthdays around this time!
My poor baby was playing on the trampoline and hurt his foot and didn’t want to walk very much the next day :(

Sunday morning I got up early and picked blueberries to freeze for the winter. Picked for 2 hours and maybe got about 5 cups lol.
Later that day my cousin and her boyfriend came over for dinner and drinks and she bought Mason a little power wheel which he calls his “motorcycle” he just loves riding it, it’s so cute.
Oh ya, we went to a few garage sales. I’m going to have to go again this weekend but without a kid tagging along, before the season is over. Anyone want to go?

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