Summers End

Summer is coming to an end :( The schools here start next week, I am looking forward to Mason starting school but I defiantly don’t want the time to speed by. I just can’t wait for school shopping, making lunches, after school activities. But I will miss my time with him.
There’s still some things I want to do before summer is officially over and some things I probably won’t get to do this summer, but there is always next year. So, let’s pull up my summer list and see what hasn’t been done yet.
Woodland Park Zoo
Olympic Game Farm
Ocean Shores
Browns Point Lighthouse
Northwest Trek– I don’t think we will make it there this summer
Duck Daze
Rainier Games- We are actually going this weekend with some family
Alki Beach- Next year
Cape Flattery- Tried once but it was too long of a drive for Mason
Ruby Beach- Another one for next year
Hole in the wall and Split Rock- So close but never made it
Camp at Crescent Lake- This one I’m very sad we didn’t get to do this summer, never even got to go camping :(
Spraygrounds- Pools
River rafting- Another time
Space Needle- Nope
Fircrest Fun Days
U pick Farms
Hike- Only hiked a few times, but we are going to Denny Creek to hike next month. So I guess I can cross this one out
Summer Sounds- Never did
Go roller skating- Gonna go this fall
Make homemade jam and applesauce- Waiting for apple picking season
Walk across the Narrows- I will do this!

So, yes I have quite a bit still on my summer list but oh well we had a wonderful summer.


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