I know

Your probably asking where have I been? Why no new post?
The answer is::

We have been keeping ourselves very BUSY!
Lots of birthday parties the last couple weekends and for the next couple weekends also.
Going to the park almost every day and then only have time to clean a little and eat lunch before having to go to work.
Trying to get as much outdoor fun before summer is over.
What’s new with the little guy? 
He start pedaling on his trike. He is getting really good with naming different colors, counting to 12 on his own. The tantrums and not listening aren’t so good right now :( But I know when they are going to make their appearance and I’m not so embarrassed by them as I used to be.
No toilet training yet but I’m not going to force it.
I started reading Water for Elephants really good just wish I had more time to read it. I found it at a used book store for cheap and it looks brand new!
Hope everyone has a great Labor Day Weekend!!

One comment

  1. sheesh, potty training already!! Im scared for that!! we can try it together if you want, haha, have a potty party!! Give me at least 6 more months though! :) Have a good Labor Day!

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