Happy Thanksgiving

I should be heading to bed right now, early wake up and have a lot to do tomorrow morning. But I will blog first since I probably won’t be online tomorrow. We still have snow on the ground and ice, it’s been getting so cold here last night it dropped down to 10 degrees outside. We thankfully have not lost our power, a lot of people haven’t had power since MONDAY. Yes, I said Monday!

The thing I am most thankful for is my family, they are so wonderful. My immediate family, Levi’s parents and a couple of his friends are all coming over for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. It will be my first Thanksgiving at my house and cooking, so let’s pray I don’t burn the turkey ;)

There will be 15 of us, on the menu; turkey, ham, potatoes and gravy, buns, stuffing, green bean casserole, veggie cheese casserole, cranberries and sweet potatoe dish(so good)! I cannot wait and oh yeah, tons of pies(7 kinds).

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!!
Gobble, Gobble


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