Oh, Friday

We got our Christmas tree, FINALLY! After Levi got off from work(I had the day off) we went to a local tree farm and picked it up. Mason loved it, while we were caring it to the car he even picked up his own branch and HAD to put it in the truck too lol.

We decorated it when we got home, he is just so proud of his tree. We have to have the lights on 24/7, if you turn them off next thing you know he’s over there plugging them in.

Later that night we got a little break from the stinker and went out to dinner with Levi’s parents. We went to Duke’s on the water, it was so yummy. Then as we were leaving they were having a boat parade and they were all decorated for Christmas. It was very cool.

Every year when I was growing up my parents would buy my sister and I a new ornament so that’s a tradition I started with Mason. This is his ornament he picked out for this year, he LOVES Disney Cars.

And this is the puppy we were babysitting this weekend. Isn’t he adorable? After we took him home Mason was asking where’s my puppy? :( 
10 days till Christmas


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