Our Christmas

(Warning lots of pictures!)
Our Christmas weekend was wonderful; relaxing and filled with family!

Christmas Eve Eve, the hubby and I went to dinner at the Seattle Space Needle. It was very cool, the whole restaurant turned 360 degrees in an hour so you got to see the whole view. It was a start to a great Christmas.

Mason was very excited that Santa was coming to his house. Before bed went outside and looked through a paper towel roll to look for Santa and his reindeer. In the morning he was so shocked that Santa didn’t eat all his cookies(we left one with a bite mark).
Christmas morning, Levi and I were up at 5am ready for Mason to wake up. 7am rolled around coffee was made, cinnamon rolls were done but still no Mason. I even tried waking him up, I went into the bed and said “Merry Christmas Mason” and he’s response was “Thanks, okay leave me alone I’m sleeping.” He finally woke up at 8am came into the living room was a little crabby until Dad said look Santa came and he got so excited. 
The gift he asked Santa for(a guitar)!
We had left one of the presents outside from Santa so when he was done playing with the rest under the tree he would have a suprise outside. He loved it. 

Then my parents came over for Christmas Dinner and brought more gifts. We had a ham dinner just the 5 of us. A very low key Christmas, I really liked it.
I am so thankful for all the gifts we got. 
We still have this week of vacation, but I sadly am sick AGAIN. Hopefully I’m feeling better by tomorrow or Thursday!!

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