Goodbye 2010

Well 2010 has came and gone! Hasn’t this year just flown by? I’m hoping 2011 goes by slower and we get out of the house more and enjoy ourselves. So, you ask what we did in 2010?
♥ We kicked off the New Year at home, in bed lol. We have a hard time staying up past 10!
♥ Mason turned the big 2 years old this year
♥ The start of Mason’s guitar craze and car craze began
♥ Went to lots of birthday parties(I have a HUGE family), to the zoo quite a bit and played at the park a lot
♥ Saw the famous Seattle gum wall for the first time
♥ Summer road trip to Ocean Shores
♥ I went to Forks for the second time, this trip was so much better because we took the hike down to Second beach. Yes, I’m a Twilight fan :)
♥ Mason’s first time going to the Olympic Game Farm
♥ Met some wonderful new friends
♥ Hosted our first Thanksgiving at our house
♥ Moved into a house with a yard
♥ The hubby and I saw the Seattle Nutcracker
♥ First time going up to the Seattle Space Needle and eating dinner at the restaurant, which was so great!
What a great year it has been, so many memories for Mason and so many more to come. Bring on the next year!!

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