{As I write this it is snowing outside yeah, we have about 2 inches and it’s still coming down hard!}

Mason had a dentist appointment today. They took x-rays and he got to sit in the chair by himself. He’s been to the dentist before but today was his first “big boy” experience. He did so well! He picked out a top toy as his prize.
The dentist said he should get sealants on his molars because they are very bumping and food can get stuck in it very easily. I’m going to wait for his 3rd birthday to make that appointment though.

We also went to a playdate at a friends house today. It was fun and Mason has his first crush lol. My friend has a 6 year old daughter and Mason always want to follow her around and gets so excited when he see’s her picture. When we were leaving today he says “wait, I want to give her a kiss” he didn’t want to say goodbye to anyone else but wanted to “kiss and say goodbye” to her though. It was so cute!


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