Oh, the Weekend

We had a very busy weekend, but it was a good kind of busy.
Saturday was girls day so I left Mason at home with dad because everyone needs a break every once in a while from their kids, right? And if you said No, then you are just lying to yourself!
Okay so anyway, the girls all met at Olive Garden for lunch, good food but I LOVE the raspberry peach iced tea. I’ve tried to make it at home but it just never turns out :(
After lunch we went to see the movie The Dilemma, it was good but not one you’d watch a second time(unless you wanted to watch it for Channing Tatum).

And of course Mason brushing his teeth Saturday night
Then on Sunday we headed out to my parents house to see the baby again and visit with everyone.
She is just so sweet, I love her so much already. 
Before we left for my parents house Mason kept telling me he’s going to hold and take care of the baby and no one else can. He is too funny.
Mason playing the drums at Gamby and Papa’s, this kid is very musical(sorry that the video is sideways)

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