Going broke from Birthdays

We go to so many birthday parties, I wonder how larger families afford to do it.

I wonder how my grandparents did it and still do it, they still buy the whole family birthday and Christmas gifts. Not just their children but their children’s children. 
My grandparents had 9 kids.
Their kids had 16 kids.
Their grandkids(me) had, well way too many to count lol. JK! They have 23 great grandkids and still counting.
Have I lost ya yet? Probably, I probably even forgot someone. 
Don’t get me wrong I LOVE going to parties! Maybe I should stop complaining and be happy that I have family and friends that invite us.
Do you have to pick and choose the parties you attend?


  1. I feel guilty if we get invited to a party and we don't go. haha But my present depends on the person. Like Chris's friend, we just gave him a card and told him and his wife to come over for dinner. Good luck!

  2. With 2 girls in preschool on top of our regular fanily and friends – it seems like the parties never end. I try to attend them all but the gift does depend on the person (family and freinds get better stuff then prschool freinds) plus I shop with coupons and at discount/clearance & save kids gifts throughout the year and spend alot less $$$$ than the gifts are worth!Bernadette – new followerhttp://momto2poshlildivas.blogspot.com

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