Birthdays, family and friends

Our first relaxing day with nothing to do since Friday. I’ve had this week off from work but we’ve been more busy then a normal work week.

I apologize that it’s been almost a week since my last posting. 
Here is a recap of our weekend and week so far.

Saturday, Mason and I went out to my parents house to visit and help them around the house. And I got to see my new niece again, she is so cute and I miss her already :(
Sunday, we had Mason’s friends birthday party in the morning. It’s one of Mason’s best friends, these two little boys are SO much a like it’s scary. They’re hopefully going to be in the same preschool together next year, I feel sorry for the teacher! LOL!! But they have so much fun together.
Came home after the party and a couple hours later had some visitors; my husbands sister and her family. They spent the night and in the morning we(8 of us) all went to the local zoo. It was cold but fun.
{The birthday party}
{Trip to the zoo}
On Tuesday we skipped out on swim lessons and went to Pump it up, a place with a bunch of bounce houses and bounce slides. It was very fun but a little too crowded(a lot of the schools are on mid winter break this week). I’ll have to take Mason another time when it’s not so crowded. 
I can’t believe all the bratty kids though, esp when their parents are standing right there. There was a little girl there kicking and hitting other kids, even down the slide. And the mother didn’t do ANYTHING. It made me so mad I wanted to say something to her but didn’t. What are you supposed to do in a situation like that?
Okay, enough venting about bratty kids :)
Then later that evening we went out with some friends for a pizza fundraiser.
It was a great weekend/week. Hope everyone else’s was good too! 


  1. Sounds like a busy week! Love your new blog layout. Tosh & Mason are so cute together. Wish we could have gone to their party, I bet it was a blast. We had family plans that weekend – much needed break (and the only day Mike was available). Hopefully we will catch up w/ you guys soon!!

  2. It was great to see you and Mason this weekend and meet your hubby! We definitely need to get together more often…and I so hope everything works out for preschool for the boys next year. Fun times!

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