Toddler Talk Thursday: Big Bed

Sippy Cup Mom

I have decided to participate in the toddler talk Thursday. This weeks topic is; have you put your toddler into a big bed yet?

The first time we tried putting Mason into a “big boy bed” he was a little over 2 years old. It took a little while to get used to it, we finally put a mat right below his toddler bed because he would keep rolling off. Most of the nights he would end up sleeping on the mat and we thought that was okay since he was staying in his room. 
About 6 months later we moved into a new house and Mason got a full size bed and what we did was put pillows along both sides for a couple days until he got used to it and right off the bat did very well.
My best advice would be unless your child climbs out of his crib or your really afraid they will hurt themselves. Don’t worry about transitioning into a big bed because once you do be prepared to have a struggle with nap time :)

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