Shouldn’t it be over?

Ah, Terrible Two’s!
When are they over? Mason will be 3 next month but lately if seems like the terrible two’s have gotten worst. Way worst! He is constantly telling us no, arguing, not listening to anything we say and tons of tantrums. Maybe it’s just him trying to be more independent, I don’t know?!
Anyone else experience this around the time your child turned 3 or experiencing it now?

We have really been working on our disciplining but it just doesn’t seem like it’s working :(


One comment

  1. For me, the hardest years were between about 5 until 8 or so. I think you're right about the independent thing. I think of it as bowling. Your kids are the balls and you're the bumper guards. They bounce off the guards as they go, but evetually they get going straight. I've not found it to get any easier as they get older though. There's always some new milestone; they go from walking to dating in 18 years, and you'll never stop worrying. :)

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