Birthday present?!

Mason’s birthday is a about 3 weeks away and we still need to figure out what to get him. When you ask him what he wants for his birthday the response you get is; a blue guitar(which he already has 3 guitars), a big red car(like the Wiggles) and 5 presents! The last one cracks me up because when you ask him what kinda of presents he just says 5 presents.
I thought of a power wheel that is red and looks like the Wiggles big red car but they’re about $300-$400, out of our price range!

A trampoline would be great since we’ll have a yard now this summer, but I don’t know how much he would actually play in it
My First Trampoline With Enclosure -  Sportspower - Toys"R"Us
I thought this pirate ship was cute and would be fun
He actually saw the picture of this truck and immediately started talking about how it’s his truck and kept asking me to look at the picture when I’d turn the page. But a can’t find it at any of the stores in the area, I found a similar looking one but not this one. Has anyone seen it around?
We are building him a sandbox come this spring and I thought this would be a perfect present or something like it.
And of course maybe a dinosaur or two :)


  1. Hi! I am a new follower of your blog thru GFC on the Sunday Blog Hop! Your blog looks really good and the pics were really cute! I am new with about 3 months under my belt so I am still learning. I would love a follow back when you get a chance. Thanks!Mary@

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