36 months

Mason had his 3 year checkup yesterday. He is growing up way to fast. He’s not my baby boy anymore :(

Weight: 35 lbs
Height: 39 3/4 inch
-Dr said he has flat feet, it usually goes way between 2-3 years old but his Dr said he should be wearing shoes with good arch support(no more converse) so the arch’s will form in his feet
-He still had a little fluid in his ear. Did I mention we had to go to the urgent care on his birthday? He was crying and complaining about his ear hurting, so we took him in and sure enough he had an ear infection. What a way to spend your birthday huh!
-He is way advanced for his age. Smart little guy!
-Can spell his name, he likes to do it on the fridge with magnitic letters
-Counts to 15 on his own
-No toilet training yet, but hoping it comes soon :(
-Fav show: Wiggles, Blues Clues, Dora….Fav toy: his new truck, guitar, cars…Fav food: fruit snacks, crackers, pizza…Fav activity: anything outdoors!


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