Random Ramblings

Okay, I apologize for not being around lately. Here is a post to catch you up with us.

-Easter has come and gone and I never got to tell you guys what we did. I’ll make it short; we had a huge family egg hunt the weekend before, had a egg dying playdate at a friends, went to a huge egg hunt at a local church, the Easter bunny came and we had a nice quiet dinner just the 3 of us + my cousin.
-I finally went to the dentist for a cleaning, yeah! (#68 check off my list)
-Speaking of list I checked off #23 No fast food for a month(not even Starbucks wow), #86 No computer for a whole weekend
-Our girls day this month we went and saw ‘Water for Elephants’ SO good! I had read and loved the book, the movie was just as good, they didn’t change very much from the book. Not to mention I LOVE the 1920s-1930s and have a fascination with trains and tracks. It is a must see!
-Mason went on his first tour of a firehouse and got to ‘drive’ a firetruck. He had such a great time!
-We’ve been seeing some sunshine here in Washington lately, soo happy! Today is supposed to get up to 65, time for some yard work.

Oh before I forget Happy May 1st, where did April go? Next weekend is Mother’s Day, I should probably get working on what I’m going to get my mom. What is everyone planning on for their mom’s?


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