Last weekend

Just realized I never wrote about our Mother’s Day weekend. We had a pretty good weekend.
My husband and I went on a date and saw the movie Thor. Great movie, the only complaint I had was the theater had the volume turned up way too high. On some of the fight scenes I had to plug my ears and I wasn’t the only one doing it! Don’t let me forget the actor who played Thor, wow! He had such amazing eyes lol.

Sunday was Mother’s Day, Mason woke me up with a handmade card(those are my favorite). I got a certificate to a local spa, okay I’ll admit I picked it out for myself LOL! And I’m thinking of using it towards a seaweed wrap, I’ve never had one but it sounds so nice. Have any of you had one or a Swedish massage, which one was better? I also got a bumper magnet from Buildasign along with both our Mom’s. We had lots of dessert and played poker with my family Sunday afternoon.

It was a very mellow and relaxing Mother’s day. Hope everyone else had a great day!! ♥ ♥


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