Random Ramblings

  • Potty training! Let me tell you all, WAIT until it is your kids idea to start potty training. Do not force them to use the potty before they are ready. Last week Mason decided that he wanted to start using the potty, we just decided to get rid of the diapers all together for the day AND for the night. Yes, he has had a few accidents but we just clean him up and put on another pair of undies. He has only had 1 accident at night and 5 nights without any accidents. He lets us know every time he has to use the potty. I am so happy and proud of him. So my advice for all you parents out there, just wait until it is your child’s idea to start using the potty!
  • We are finally feeling the summer weather. High 70s! Love it!!
  • Last weekend I decided I wanted to go lighter, my hair that is. So I dyed it myself, WELL it went a little orange at first but eventually turned to an pretty auburn color. Thankful the orange is gone!
  • Earlier this week we walked down to this creek by our house. I knew it was there but hadn’t made it down there till now. It was very cool, we will defiantly be walking down there more this summer. 
  • I really feel like I am constantly cleaning and the house is NEVER clean. We probably need to start a chore list for Mason, (cough)maybe my husband too(cough). Any tips for a chore list for a 3 year old?
  • Anyone else excited about the new season of True Blood starting later this month?! June 26th
  • Don’t forget to enter my Color by Numbers giveaway here, it ends June 11th at midnight

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