I took a little break

Vacations over, back to regular schedule. It was a great week though; actually had summer weather, spent lots of time outside, didn’t worry about the clock, took the week off from cleaning(now I’m paying for it today though, sad), I had time to blog but decided to take the week off from that too.

Here’s a recap of our week.

Naturally we spent a lot of time at the park/beach, we finally checked out the beach by our house that has sand, defiantly the new place to go.

The little guy went to the dentist and got sealants on his molars. He did very good! He is the complete opposite of me when it comes to the dentist, I hate it!

I took one day for myself and went on a road trip with my sister to the Olympic Peninsula, we hiked to Cape Flattery in Neah Bay. So beautiful! Short hike and lots of people(for a weekday) so wasn’t dangerous, but they did have cougar warning signs. On our way home we stopped in Port Angeles and ate at the Crab House, I have an obsession right now with trying different clam chowders. Their’s was pretty good, I’d give it a 8 out of 10. Still haven’t found that 10 that I’d die for :) Check out the pictures on this post Neah Bay

We painted Mason’s room blue. I’m thinking a pirate/sailboats theme.

Went on a couple school playdates and Mason got to visit with his new teacher. We are both(yes, me too) VERY excited for school to start, Sept 19th couldn’t come sooner. Started buying some school supplies and clothes but I need to remember that a preschooler won’t need too much. I really want to buy him a new lunch pail and backpack but probably should save the money til he actually needs one.

I can’t believe how quickly this summer has went by. Or life in general. My little guy is no longer little :( If only we could freeze this time.

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