We’re back from Bandon

We got home last night, had a fantastic time, Bandon was beautiful and got some peace and quiet. But I did miss my little guy.

We left Friday morning, stopped in Portland to try some of the famous Voo Doo Donuts. My first one was the voo doo doll, tasted like a normal grocery store donut and also a little old so wasn’t too impressed TIL I tried the maple bacon YUMMY! Is all I’m going to say.

6 hours later we arrived in Bandon. We played on the beach, ate a lot of food, flew kites, shopped, I found my first piece of sea glass :)

These 2 shells I actually found like that on the rock, someone must of left them :)
Heading home, we ran into a lot of traffic and there was one point we got a little lost. We had gps on our phones and it told us this road “seven devils road” would lead us to the highway we were supposed to be on. Well, this road turned into a dirt road and we traveled on it for a good 30 minutes, lost cell phone service, I was so freaked out couldn’t stop thinking of the movie “Wrong Turn”. Scary! 
Home sweet home! Now I need to get cracking on my never ending to-do list :)

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