Mason update

I thought I would do a post all about Mason.
3 1/2 next month

-Starts preschool in 2 weeks, pretty excited!
-He is obsessed right now talking about butts, poop, all the potty talk
-Can snap his fingers now
-Loves anything to do with music, the human body, ride his bike, Wiggles, helping cook
-Random times in the day he will ask me “How is your day going?” or “Tell me about your day.” It is too cute
-He had to have special made arch support in soles for his shoes, darn flat feet
-His fav song right now on the radio is “Tonight, Tonight” by Hot Chelle Rae. He loves singing it anytime we hear it
-He’s been very emotional and whinny lately, I don’t know if it’s this age or what
-Wears size 5T clothing and 11 shoes
-Fav color is yellow, fav thing to do is “play with my friends”
-Can count to 15 on his own, ABC’s but needs a little help around P

My little guy is growing up too quickly. I will try to post more about all his stages and his likes/dislikes.


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