We are now one week into September and haven’t seen the fall weather yet, but I know it’s coming :(
One and a half weeks til Mason’s first day of preschool and we can’t wait. It will be good for all of us, he has been so crabby lately and we think he needs a break from us and to be honest we would love a little more time to ourselves. Is that horrible to say?!
I’m sure it will be different next summer after him being in school all year. Before you think we’re horrible parents for saying we need a break, Mason has never been in a daycare and only have had our immediate family babysit, he’s been going to work with me since he was born.

Next week we also need to start working on a morning routine, it usually takes us a couple hours to get ready for the morning we like to drag it out lol. To speed up the morning we will do a lot the night before, we don’t have to worry about packing a lunch so that will help.

11 days
Done… school clothes and supplies
To do… hair cut and label clothing
So excited, can’t wait!


  1. I just bought some of the items they ask for donations(on their website). And someone mentioned about labeling their jackets/sweaters anything they'll take off or might leave or someone accidently take home. You might want to do that too.

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