48 days

What?! Christmas is only 48 days away…I might be getting a little excited ;)

Have you started your Christmas shopping? Are you done with your shopping? I’ve started mine but no way close to being done, I’m also thankful for all the giveaways I’ve been winning lately. I’m saving some of them, sshh don’t tell my family! :) But I’m surprised by all the amazing stuff you can win by taking a couple hours(yes it does take a little while) every couple days and enter on blogs. Can’t wait for the black friday sales!

Any plans your excited about? Or family traditions? Have you ordered your Christmas cards yet?
I’ll probably be ordering our cards here in the next week or two.
I’m excited for all the decorations, family gatherings, zoolights that we’re going to make this year!, cookies and other junk that you consume during the holidays, SNOW, joy!!, holiday movies, okay I could go on all day but I’ll end it there.



  1. I am not done with my Christmas shopping yet, but I have done more than I did at this time last year.I am done with Lucas' gifts and have done some for my family in Brazil and a little something for hubby. I am thankful for my crochet work that has allowed me to get some neat things!

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