What deals did you get?

Did you go shopping on black Friday? I tried lol.

I originally wanted to go to Toys R Us first but when I drove by the line to get in was so long it would of taken me a couple hours JUST to get in the store. So, I decided to head to Walmart to get the deals I wanted and since Walmart matches other stores prices I could get what I wanted from Toys R Us also.
Parking was hard to find but there was no line to get in so that was a good sign. Not!
Got there at 9pm and there was tons of people everywhere waiting for the stuff that went on sale at 12am so it was very hard to move around them because they stand right in the walking away. I guess I’ve never really understood those people. Yes, I’m crazy for getting up super early or staying up late to get a great deal. But I will not stand in line for something that’s marked down a few bucks.

Here are the deals I did leave the store with:

Toys R Us had the Leapster2 for $24.99 (half off) so I brought the ad in with me and Walmart matched the price
“Santa” bought Mason a couple pairs of the 2 piece pajama sets for $4.47 I was happy there was still lots of the Spider man in his size
The only game I found was Chutes and Ladders, I was a little disappointed I didn’t find anymore board games. 
I didn’t get as many deals as I would of liked too because I had to eventually ditch my cart it was too hard to move around people so I was carrying everything. The line for the DVD’s was way too long for me so I decided to come back in the morning and see if anything was left. And I wanted to get the Cars 2 DVD for $12. So, first thing in the morning(I think it was around 9am) went back and to my surprise there was movies left so I got a couple DVDs for Mason and a couple for us. AND there was still a bunch of Cars 2 DVDs left. 
Next year I’m shopping online!! 

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