Mommyparties sponsored by Oral B

As I wrote in another post that we got selected to host a Mommy Parties sponsored by Oral B Stages. We had such a great play date and thank them for allowing us to give our friends some great products to take home.
Anyway, the kids had so much fun playing and even watched the movie they provided for a little while(when they got tired from all the play lol) and loved their products.

The set up for all the snacks and drinks. The popcorn was a very big hit!

Our tree was already up so I decided to put all the goody bags under the tree so the kids could get all excited for a “present”. In each goody bag they got to take home a Oral B stages toothbrush, Oral B toothpaste, Disney lavender wash. Let me just say when I got the email that I was selected I was thinking I’d be sent small travel size bottles but no they were full size bottles. Wow, thank you Oral B! 
Watching the movie!
Mason being “Santa Claus” and handing out the bags. The kids really liked their stuff.
Trying out the stuff. The soap smells very good, love all the characters on the brush and paste makes my son want to brush more often. 
I feel dental hygiene is very important and children should learn early to take care of their teeth. I’m so happy I had the opportunity to host a party and be able to give out dental products to children. 
Thank you Oral B and Mommy Parties for everything you provided for our play date. 
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  1. Good post really!"I feel dental hygiene is very important and children should learn early to take care of their teeth"- this is very important which all parents should understand. The growing age of the children is very crucial when what will be taught to them will become the habit of their life. At this age teaching them to take proper hygienic care is very important.Thank you…

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