What we’re up to…random ramblings

  • preschools going good, I was hoping to stick on the same schedule he had m/w/f 9:15-11:15 that doesn’t always happen but that’s normal for homeschooling, right?
  • we’ve decided to not give Mason any sugar(besides special occasions) past 4 oclock, he just gets too wound up. It seems to be working so far he’s not so crazy in the evening and he actually hasn’t been asking for any sweets during the day either.
  • I feel like a horrible mom, my kid watches too much tv/plays with electronics! Every once in a while I get thrown off the schedules/routines, start worrying too much about the clutter and mess of the house, play on the computer a little too much and just turn on a show to get some quiet time it becomes the “babysitter”. I hate that and feel so guilty!
  • my sister is paying me to plan my niece’s birthday party, I love planning events and esp when it’s it not my money ;) any fairy tale/garden theme ideas?
  • i’ve decided to join my friend alessandra and do the 21 days of organization challenge and get our lifes a little more organized. baby steps! so stay tuned for tomorrow for day 1 and get a peek into our messy house :)

Day 1 – Junk Drawer

    Day 2 – Computer Desk

      Day 3 – Tupperware Cabinet

        Day 4 – Linen Closet

          Day 5 – Under kitchen sink

            Day 6 – Dresser Drawers

              Day 7 – The Pantry

                Day 8 – Coat Closet

                  Day 9 – Toy organization

                    Day 10 – Laundry Room

                      Day 11 – The Freezer

                        Day 12 – Spice Cabinet

                          Day 13 – Medicine Cabinet

                            Day 14 – Under bathroom sink

                              Day 15 – Medicine/Vitamin Storage

                                Day 16 – The Fridge

                                  Day 17 – The Mail

                                    Day 18 – Keepsakes

                                      Day 19 – Master Closet

                                        Day 20 – Photos

                                          Day 21 – You pick!


                                          One comment

                                          1. We have also stopped giving him Lucas anything sweet, but for us is after 3 and that includes juice. It made a difference, we noticed.I'm happy to see you joined me on the organization challenge, it's nice to get the house in shape. Some days it's hard to get motivated, but so far I have been doing good and I'm crossing my fingers that I'll be able to get the 21 days done!

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