We survived!

You probably expected this to be a challenge post and wondering why I haven’t did the challenge in a few days.
Okay, maybe you aren’t and don’t care about my sorry excuse lol. And truthfully I shouldn’t even be behind because we’ve been stuck in the house the WHOLE week!!

The Seattle snowmageddon came through town. I really love snow but I was not completely prepared for this and am so glad to see it gone. They said it was coming but I didn’t believe that much was coming and that quickly. I didn’t stock up on groceries, I didn’t make sure to leave the house, I didn’t prepare everything for my niece’s birthday until the night before/day of the party(I could finally get my car out of the drive way).
We got 8 inches, that part wasn’t bad and we loved playing in it!! The next day when everything was completely frozen over, you couldn’t walk outside without sliding everywhere, you could hear the trees cracking and praying they don’t fall, 200,000+ families in the area lost power and some still without power and not being able to leave the house ahh!!

I’m just happy to be able to get out of the house and get back to schedules!

And the winner of the Purex/Jockey giveaway is… Holly S.
I sent you an email, please respond within 48 hours my email is jinglebellstime@gmail.com


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