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Just a random little update/photos/ramblings ;)

~I made an Instagram account, follow me at @notjustmommy and if you haven’t please follow me on pinterest, twitter too :)

~Well our little vacation is almost over, we’ve had a bunch of fun busy days, getting out of the house every day. Anyone else kids go stir crazy if they don’t get out of the house every day? It gets expensive during the winter months because we have to find so many indoor places to go to, come on sun!

~I just love watching my son run and have fun, I can’t tell you how happy it makes me!!

~We had to enforce some rules for Mason. The video games and Ipad were just getting too out of hand he would ask us all the time to play(he still gets his exercise every day) but he really needed a limit on the tube time so we made the rule of games only on weekends. And of course were still doing the no sweets after 3-4 (except special occasions) and we also have a rule if we have “sugar” cereals in the house(I try not to but..), that he can’t have them til the weekend, weekend cereal. What are some of your new rules in your house? I hate having rules ;(

~I didn’t even know it was Mardi gras til half way through the day, anyone else too?? haha

~Mason’s birthday is coming up, I think we’re going to have a small family party but still not sure. Some ideas running through my head; family party at our house and then just the 3 of us go to family fun center or chuck e cheese, or have an immediate family party at one of the fun places?? I can’t believe my baby is going to be 4, it’s going by too quickly ;(

Anyone want to help me, how do I get a little button for google+ ?


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