Party plans

Mason’s birthday is a month away, let the party planning begin.

I’m pretty sure were just doing a small (immediate) family party. I’m thinking BBQ, drinks and of course cake & ice cream ;) Superhero themed! I already bought Spiderman invitations and goodie bags so I’m not sure if we’re just going to do Spiderman or all the Superheros, I’m sure Mason would say all.

And I was thinking of making a cake like this but will probably just end up ordering one from Safeway because I can’t decorate at all lol.

And then we plan on taking Mason to the spring fair just the 3 of us, it doesn’t start til 2 weeks after his birthday but he won’t mind.

That just leaves us the birthday present?! He already has so many toys and I really don’t want to give him anymore smaller toys. I’ve been tossing ideas in my head; trampoline, after seeing his cousins power wheel he really wants a jeep, maybe furniture(really what four year old wants furniture though lol), swing set? Ah, it really shouldn’t be this hard!


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