Finding ways to keep busy over Summer

Summer is coming up(okay spring has just begun) but whatever I just want some sunshine.

I have to find ways to keep Mason and us busy over summer. And since we really can’t afford a big vacation this year, doesn’t mean we can’t explore Washington and have a bunch of day trips :) The best way I do it is make a list of things that I want to do, that way I can go to my list for ideas when I’m stumped. We are signing Mason up for a soccer league this spring and then a martial arts class after that.

Here is my summer list so far, Its only just the beginning. And I also make a list of local events that are going on so we dont miss anything(but Im not posting that).
Nisqually trail
Walk narrows bridge
Northwest trek
Alki beach
Cannon beach
Kayak lake Washington
Make ice cream, pizza, cake from scratch
Go camping
Baseball game
La push trail to beach
Denny creek trail (natural water slides )
Snoqualmie falls
Ap caves
Take M fishing and bowling

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