Guest post: Delivery Day by Alan Cassidy

Important Items Needed for Delivery Day

The day a woman learns she has a baby on the way is a very exciting one. Even more exciting is the day the baby is actually delivered. Whether at 36 weeks or 42 weeks, the long awaited birth of her baby will be the sparkling gem of the new mother’s eyes.

While some moms have the luxury of having delivery day scheduled in advanced, most moms only have a general idea of when they will be heading to the hospital. Whatever the case may be for any particular pregnancy, it is important to be prepared with the items mom and baby will need specifically for their time in the hospital.

Prior to delivery day, ask for a tour of the hospital where the baby will be born. Most hospitals have regular group tours scheduled and many will accommodate expectant mothers with personalized delivery room tours, guided by a nurse or volunteer. At this time, ask as many questions as possible. A handy trick is to keep a notebook with questions so that none are forgotten and unanswered. 

Attending a birthing class is a beneficial choice, whether it’s your first or fifth child. Knowing what to expect during delivery, what pain management options the facility offers and learning about optional choices for post-delivery are all benefits of taking a birthing class. If you plan on trying for a completely natural birth, taking yoga and Lamaze classes too, could prove helpful. Optional procedures would include things like circumcision and cord blood banking. Cord blood banking is when the baby’s cord blood is collected after birth and stored at a private facility for the family. The stem cells from the cord blood could potentially be used in a future medical treatment for the child, or possibly a sibling, should the need arise
There are not many newborn items moms will need to have ready during their hospital stay. Clothing is a common choice, especially for those precious first photographs and the trip home. If the mom and baby are to be passengers in a vehicle, she will need to have an approved rear facing infant car seat installed properly. Other items, like lotions, soaps, and pacifiers are probably unnecessary in those first days and most will be provided by the hospital.

Of course, baby is not the only person who will need a few hospital items. New moms should pack comfortable clothes for going home. Socks or slippers may be a necessity for cold hospital floors. Reading materials and other forms of entertainment are also surprisingly well loved and used. Moms should also remember to pack toiletries for herself. Perhaps most important is the camera for all of the pictures the new mother will be taking of her precious newborn.

With these hospital preparations made, a mother will be more than ready to head to the hospital at the start of labor to take on the challenge of bringing her brand new family member into the world.

This article was written by Alan Cassidy, an active writer within the blogging community covering maternity and childbirth, and always advocating for infant and children’s health. Connect with him on Twitter @ACassidy22


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