Random ramblings

*Next weekend will be a busy one for us, Mason’s birthday and then Easter. We’re having a small immediate family party with dinner, cake and an egg hunt for the kids. And then for Easter were staying home, doing an egg hunt and dinner just the 3 of us.

*I can’t believe I’m going to have a 4 year old in less than a week. Where’d the time go?! I will say, I love the older they get. It just makes it so much easier/more fun; you don’t have to carry around a diaper bag, don’t have to worry about naps, you get to start taking them to movies(we can’t wait for more kid friendly movies to come to the theater), they listen a little better, you can sit back and relax more while they play.

*I hadn’t really planned on going to any local Easter egg hunts this year because we already had a few playdates planned and a family egg hunt. But we did end up going to an egg hunt in my hometown yesterday and now have a few more egg hunts I’m going to take him to next weekend. I just love to see my kid happy! He usually only gets about 5-6 eggs and then wants to play, I’m defiantly not one of those parents that runs around crazy trying to get all the eggs. I just want my kid to have fun.

*For all you parents out there(like me) that let their kid play with your phone/ipad. I learned this little tip(maybe you already know about it) put it in airplane mode and you won’t have to stress about them calling anyone, sending anything, going on the internet!!

*I’m going to be spending my 28th birthday in Vegas. I’m so excited! It will be my “lucky” birthday, turning 28 and the 28th ;)

{this is what happens when Mason plays with my phone, pictures of random things}

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