Busy week

Are you like me and have to write out a to do list? I would be LOST without a calendar and a written(on my phone) to do list. Since this will be a busy week for us, I wrote a to do list and also a list of everything that needs to be done each day. A little OCD? Maybe, but without it I would probably forget things and be stressed.

Here is what our weekly schedule looks like!

Monday – work. groceries

Tuesday – a casting call for Mason

Wednesday – deep clean house. work

Thursday – dye eggs. Mason’s cousins coming to stay for a couple days. Seattle flight museum.

Friday – work. store for the rest of party stuff. bake cakes. friends going away dinner.

Saturday – birthday boy breakfast. prepare food and drinks. decorate house. party @ 3

Sunday – Easter bunny came :) Sunday service and egg hunt at church. Easter dinner.


One comment

  1. You've got a busy week in front of you! I do put everything that I have to be at, etc on my phone calendar. I only made to do lists when I have a TON of stuff going on. Have a wonderful birthday/Easter weekend :)

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