Product Review- Sun Shade by Chase Away the Sun

Protect your child’s eyes from the sun during morning and evening drives.
Introducing the Sun Shade:
Shields the sun’s rays that cannot be blocked by the standard vehicle visors.
Perfect for children that won’t wear sunglasses or a hat.
Does not block driver’s view.
Fun designs, machine washable, folds for easy storage.
Attaches with Velcro to elastic bands on headrests so easy to take off. 

I had the opportunity to review this wonderful product. A child’s eye sight is very sensitive and very important to protect. With my son having blue eye color, his eyes are extremely sensitive to the sun and we don’t always remember to bring his sunglasses with us so the sun shade was very nice for those morning and evening drives. Also, this isn’t just for a child in the middle rear seat, this works for any child in the backseat.
It will make your commute so much easier! :)

It was very easy to put into the car and also take down. The sun shade comes in different designs, we picked the sharks because my son loves the water. 
You can purchase the sun shade right now for $14.95

Chase Away the Sun


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