Weekend recap

We had a gorgeous weekend! Filled with 70 degree sunshine, food, fun and family!! And some cell phone pictures of our weekend :)

-such good wine! And of course some Tuscan chicken pasta to go with it. I added some chicken to make it more filling. Mason devoured it, but what kid wouldn’t with all that cheese?!

-I love freezer, crockpot and prepare ahead meals!! It makes life so much easier. So while I was making the Tuscan chicken pasta I also prepared cilantro lime chickento throw in the freezer.

-Saturday morning we got up and decided to go get haircuts, this was the first time we both got a haircut at the same time and Mason did wonderful. 2 years ago you would of never thought you’d see him sitting there getting a hair cut all by himself, this kid screamed bloody murder when he had to get a haircut. I didn’t expect to get that much cut off but afterward I was happy I did, my head feels so much lighter.

-After hair cuts we stopped at a few garage sales, and found this great chest for $5 :)

-Sunday we celebrated Earth Day at the spring fair, I’ll post more about that another day!


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