I’m no snob!

But I cannot stand how “ghetto” “white trash” woman act!!

We people at the end of the park do you not want to hear your whole conversation!

You may not care if your children hear non stop swear words but some people do, so please be considerate and either lower your voice or don’t use them at all! Get on birth control or get your tubes tied. Yesterday at the park a lady with 3 kids(one in the womb) under the age of 3 was SCREAMING across the park at her son  “get the F***ing balloon” “if you weren’t so F***ing slow you could get it.”

And then the same woman who’s son was hitting Mason and a couple other little boys and throwing sticks at them, her friend says to her “your son’s beating kids up.” You know what her response was “I don’t care” her exact words. So, at that point I had to yell across the park NO HITTING! Because I didn’t want my kid to start hitting him back and I bet she’d care then.
So, yeah we left shortly after that.
Some people just make me sick!! :(



  1. yikes! we went to the zoo yesterday and I passed by a lady screaming curse words in front of her kids, she even dropped the F bomb. Needless to say, we walked by as quick as we could.

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