Great weekend! Minus it raining half the time ;( We walked down to the creek by our house, think we’ll be doing it a lot this summer since Mason’s old enough to make it without having to be carried. It will be nice during those busy summer days, parking is horrid on nice days. Did I tell you the last time we drove down there we almost got stuck, some idiot parked directly behind me and a rock wall is in front. Luckily the cars next to mine we’re leaving the exact same time. 
Okay, back to our walk. We played at the creek for a little while and then headed back before it started getting dark. I hate the rain but I really love living in Washington, so much beautiful nature. Nobody takes sunny days for granted. 
Saturday Mason had a soccer game and it was picture day. Can’t wait to see how the pictures turned out. Growing up I never realized how expensive it is be participate in sports; the fee, equipment, pictures, end of season party and whatever else pops up!! Thanks Mom and Dad for letting me participate in so much. 
After soccer we headed home, played in the yard for a while and then got ready for the neighbors to come over for dinner. BBQ, better than sex cake and lots of wine! :) Perfect evening!

Mason and my hubby surprised me with some flowers. While they were at the store Mason saw them and said he had to get them for me :) “It’s still Mother’s Day, right?” He asked me. Sure, everyday can be Mother’s Day!
You can find all these pictures and more on my instagram account: tabithablack

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