Mason’s Summer

I’ve been compiling a list of fun summer stuff we can do as a family and also for Mason. Because that’s how I function with life and get things done, with list and calendars lol :)

:Summer bucket list:
Hikes– nisqually trail, la push trail to beach, denny creek trail(natural water slides), snoqualmie falls, ap caves…know of any fun kid friendly hikes?
Walk across the Narrows bridge(lived here my whole life and still have never done it)
Northwest Trek
Beach– alki, cannon, ocean shores
Kayak– deception pass or lake washington
Baseball game
Fishing and Bowling
Regal summer movie express
Farmers market
So far, I’ve signed Mason up for a week of summer day camp and a week of VBS, love how there’s more for him to do now that he’s four. Of course we’ll spend a lot of time at the park, spray grounds, pools, summer reading at the library, metro parks family fridays and do the free lunch program at some parks(they give the kids Subway sandwiches and more, free for any kid who shows up Still looking for more things to keep him busy. There are a lot of free or cheap stuff to do for kids, you just have to look :)


  1. That's an awesome bucket list. I love the idea of doing a bucket list with the kids. Hiking along Rialto beach (on the peninsula) is really fun/pretty. If you hike about .4 miles you reach Hole-in-the-wall which is a big hole in a cliff you have to walk through. That's pretty fun!

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