Memorial Day

Every now and then life feels so overwhelming; everything is so unorganized and I can’t keep up with anything.
The house is always filthy no matter how many times a day I clean. Clutter! May not be as bad as the show Hoarders but its the beg of the first step, I hold on to things when I know in fact I won’t ever use it.
I’m on the computer(in my case the ipad) too much, after checking/looking at everything else I don’t have time to blog.
I don’t spend enough time by myself, or with friends, or do adult stuff.

We had a great Memorial Day weekend, hope you all did too!
Saturday morning I made Mickey Mouse(loved when my parents made those growing up) and watched cartoons.

Played at the spray ground for a bit, before heading home eating lunch and made him take a nap before a birthday party. Naps are amazing and what a difference they make for him :)

While at the spray park there was a little girl(actually the one in the first picture) she kept running by and using our towel to dry off(had no problem with that) but next thing I knew I see her across the playground with the towel, Mason went first to try getting his towel and then I had to try because she kept telling us “No, she’s using it” eventually I found her brother and he had to rip it out of her grip. Next thing I knew she had stolen someone else towel. Wow! Some kids.

Took Mason bowling for his first time, he loved it for the first 7 rounds and then decided he was done and wanted to go play video games lol. Did you know kids can bowl free during the summer? We also tried out the new Frozen Yogurt shop by our house. Yum! 
I have a pretty amazing life and family, I just need to stop stressing and worrying and enjoy each and every day.
All photos on instagram. @TabithaBlack

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