All about, oh so good food

I love taking pictures of food! I love to cook and bake but to be honest half the time it has no flavor ;)

I LOVE pinterest and I find most of my new recipes on there.
I love trying new foods, though will never eat tongues, eye balls, intestines, ect.

We started having a problem with always having some sort of “junkfood” in the house. Its been about a month since I’ve ended that and stocking up on the non processed food, more veggies and fruits, healthy snacks. And it truly does help with the bored(which I do a lot) eating, Ill just munch on some veggies or fruit instead. Cooking with more veggies, helps with the snacking after meals. We are also cutting back on the red meats and try to stick with poultry and seafood. Drink lots of water, it feels you up. And make it ice water, your body works harder to warm it up. I’ve had to cut back on my caffeine intake to 1 glass a coffee a day(sad). I’ve had more energy, so the healthier eating is helping :) Now all I need to start doing is exercising and then maybe I’ll lose some weight!

Mason LOVES this(toast, cinnamon, sugar and whip cream)    I make pad thai quiet a bit   Just whipped up some eggs with whatever I could find in the fridge lol
Easy, healthy and yummy! Cod, green beans, wild rice    Chicken fahitas

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