Two post in one day, Mason’s playing on my ipad(it’s considered his weekend) and my husbands not home to hog ;) the computer lol. I LOVE the weekends, okay yeah I’ve got a pretty awesome job. Who can say they bring their 4 year old to work with them and they go swimming(or play at the park most days) for work?! That’s what we’re doing today, I watch a disabled girl and we just go out into the community, today we are going swimming, pretty great!!
It’s Friday, which means after work I could sit in my pajamas all weekend long if I wanted to. Okay, yeah that’s not going to happen we have a somewhat busy weekend ahead.

-Soccer game
-Thinking of taking Mason to a cheapo movie?
-Finish shampooing the carpets, maybe some yard work if the sun makes an appearance
-Headed to Seattle for Mason’s first photo shoot and spend the day in Seattle

PS. Did I mention Mason got accepted into the preschool? 5 days a week, this Momma is excited!! :)


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