Well, it’s Monday and I can’t believe it’s already June! Summer is almost upon us but to look outside you wouldn’t think it :( We did have some sun breaks this weekend, I’m thankful for that but it also rained.
I really do love having a busy schedule, of course with a day thrown in to relax. Okay, truly maybe a couple hours at the max to relax. Think I have a.d.d :)

We had a wonderful weekend.
Saturday–soccer game(we only have 1 game left), Mason is doing better at trying to be on the field and play, all though most of the time he would rather just play with friends lol but hey at least he’s having fun :)
The rest of the day was spent shampooing the carpets and going to yard sales. We weren’t having any luck at the yard sales(all the good stuff was picked through), the only thing we found was a tank top for me.

Sunday was a wonderful day. We headed to Seattle in the morning Mason’s first photo shoot, for the shoe company See Kai Run. I’m a very proud Mommy!! :) It was a lot of fun. At first he was being VERY shy(totally not him) but then the lady who entertains the kids got him to be himself, she was really great with him. He had a lot of fun; running around, climbing a tree, playing, just being him. He was sad when it was all done. We could do this all the time.
I couldn’t take any pictures of the actually shoot because it’s for a Spring 2013 line. But after the shoot we walked around University of Washington(my husband and I both have never been there), it is SO beautiful!!
If we lived closer, I’d be one of those weird people that hangout there a lot ;)
Before heading home we went to Gameworks(a huge arcade place), Mason and Levi were in heaven lol. Played there for a couple hours, ate at the restaurant. Honestly the food was horrible, tasted like day old Elementary school cafeteria food. Won’t be eating there again. But other than that, it was a perfect day!


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