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*Here in Washington it rains, like 355 days a year! So we get outside rain or shine, and when it’s 65 degrees you can find people outside sun bathing lol. Have I mentioned(only about a million times) how I wish summer would be here yet? We did have a beautiful day today but I’m sure the rain will be back tomorrow :(
*A lot of things happened Saturday; first we had Mason’s last soccer game of the season and then of course a pizza party after which the kids got Trophy’s. Cool Trophy, huh? Not a typical Trophy and I think they’re a little scary(but the kids didn’t think so) but also matches perfect for Mason’s personality “the hulk trophy”.
After the soccer party Mason had Daddy time and I went to a movie with the monthly girls day ladies. “What to expect when your expecting” was sooo good, comedy and made me cry a little. Defiantly a must see. Headed home after the movie and we went over to the neighbors for dinner.
*Sunday spent the day shopping at Target, being lazy on the couch, built a plane at the Lowes Build and Grow, went down to the beach to play and spend an hour cleaning up the beach. I know, I know we were supposed to clean up the beach on Friday but with the weather we had Friday every time we’d get ready to go down there it would start dumping rain. Mason was really enjoying doing community service, it put a smile on my face :) We also saw a lady playing an accordion a little odd but cool.
*We’ve been bad the last couple days with all the junk food in the house. It makes me feels so bloated :( I have been feeling better about myself since I wrote this post; wearing light makeup, wearing my hair down(curly or straight) almost every day, bought some new clothes.
*Mason started gymnastics class today. He is pretty good at the bars that you jump to and swing on, all though he can’t swing on them yet lol, just his stance how he jumps to them and puts his legs up like he’s done it before. He could use practice on the balancing beams :) He’s so excited about the class.

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  1. my fellow Washingtonian! How I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of summer too!!! if it ever gets here:( This time of the year I really start to miss my Bay Area weather. Just about cried when my almost 4 year old informed me he doesn't like the sun…"because it's too bright outside Mommy". Ugh…

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