Family Day- Mt. Rainier

Friday I had the day off from work so my sister and I decided to take my Dad up to Mount Rainier for Father’s Day.
We all piled in the cars(Mason, my niece, sister, cousin, my Dad and I) and headed up to enjoy the sunshine. It was such an amazing day, we got lucky with the beautiful weather! We stopped for lunch, went for a hike, played in the snow for a bit and just had fun. I was surprised how well Mason did on the hike, didn’t have to carry him once. My little hiker!! :)

warning picture overload…



  1. that has to be Cougar Rock!!! Or if it's not, my memory is clearly fading:) Have you ever camped there? It's awesome! Although if you're into camping, try Ohanapecosh. It's on the other side of Rainier, and the Ohanapecosh River, which goes right through the middle of the campground is this gorgeous turquoise color. Breathtaking! Great pictures:)

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