Wedding & Father’s Day

Saturday we went to my cousins wedding, it was a country-backyard style wedding and it was BEAUTIFUL!! From the bride all the way down to the wood cupcake stand! Only took these pictures and they’re crappy cell pics :( And I didn’t even get a picture of Mason challenging one of my cousins to a dance off(the photographer did though), with everyone watching. LOL!! He is so cute and I’m pretty sure he will grow up to be in the entertainment industry.
Not the best photo of Levi and I but it’ll do :)

After the wedding we actually got a night off and Mason went to spend the night with my parents. 
Father’s Day we had a VERY mellow day; Levi got to play his Xbox pretty much the whole day(what he loves), Mason took a 3 hour nap, I did yard work, cleaned, watched tv. We had chicken enchiladas and mexican rice for dinner(hubby’s choice). It was a perfect Sunday!!

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