Summer Must Haves

YEAH!! Summer is here. Thought I would write a post of our summer must haves! {a few of them anyway}

Good sturdy sandals for everyday play. Mason got a pair of See Kai Run for this summer, usually we get him Keens both are really wonderful.

Check out the dollar store for summer play toys. Doesn’t matter if they’re broken/stolen/lost they were only a $1. These squirter things were only a dollar, just give your kid a bucket full of water and let them go at it.

We’re going to buy a pool like this for the summer. Don’t want to spend more than $40 when we’ll only be using it less than 2 months of the year if were lucky :) That way I won’t always have to be dealing with the crowded water parks.
Intex Square Family Swimming Pool.Opens in a new window
Of course a summer bag ready in your trunk for those unexpected trips to the park/beach. Blanket, Water, Snacks, Towel, Sunscreen, Change of clothes, Toys(ball, frisbee, inner tube), Bucket for any treasures you might find, Plastic bag(s) for any garbage, Cash on hand for the ice cream man.

Our Summer List for a quick idea of what to do.
Bike and Helmet! We go on a lot of bike rides and walks.
Anything you can’t live without during the summer??


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