Food, babysitting, birthdays

Thought I would hurry and get a post in for the 1st of July :)
We are having a nice, relaxing weekend. Hope you are too!!
Yesterday, Mason and I went to the Taste of Tacoma. We enjoyed samples, rode only 1 ride(so darn expensive, $4.50 per person, he wasn’t tall enough for the bumper cars so I had to pay to go on with him), he picked out a rubber band gun. Next year we will have to read some reviews of which foods to try because we tried the jambalaya and it was pretty disgusting, didn’t want to spend another $10 on something we’d throw away so we filled up on free samples :) We even got stopped by Seattle Talent, they got a picture of Mason and our contact info. We rode the free shuttle, which was a school bus so Mason LOVED that.
Over all, minus the food and expensive rides it was pretty fun.

Today, I woke up early and decided I was going to scrub the house down. It only took me 3 hours(lol ONLY) got a lot clean and it feels soo good. We watched my niece today too for a few hours but other than that if feels really good to just sit around at home and do “almost” nothing. Hubby’s bringing home dinner to end our perfect lazy Sunday!! :)
That was Mason’s water bottle that he kept telling her No! Well when he wasn’t watching she grabbed it and kept an eye on him to make sure he wasn’t looking at her while she drank it. Haha, it was too funny
She REALLY wanted to go outside
And this is why we will NEVER hire one of my husbands friends again to do any work around here. Who doesn’t clean up the roof mess when they’re done? Made me so mad!!
Happy 24th Birthday to my little sister!! 

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